Fundraising During The Summer

Fundraising During The Summer

I had a conversation with a founder today about fundraising during the summer, so I thought I’d write out some thoughts. As you might know, the venture capital world experiences a slow down in August every year as investors take vacations. So what are fundraising entrepreneurs to do? The reality...

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How To Raise Funding For Your Startup Like A Boss

Raising money is a highly asymmetrical process: Founders do it only a few times in their careers, while Angels and VC’s do it all day every day for years. This results in a massive information, knowledges and skills gap between founders and investors. Watch this session (held on June 14th...

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2023 Investor Roundtable: How to Secure Funding In Tough Times

How do you as a founder orient to the current challenges and opportunities that are showing themselves in the market? Tough economic times present challenges, but they are also when billion dollar unicorns are born. As part of our mission to help founders succeed regardless of what’s going on macro-economically,...

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Pitch Perfect: How to Create A Standout Pitch Deck that Gets Funded

Entrepreneurs, are you struggling to catch the attention of investors in today’s competitive market? Don’t worry, our pitch deck workshop (held on May 10th 2023) will give you the edge you need to succeed! Learn from our in-house Venture Partner & All-Star Pitch Deck creator, Melanie Platt, as she shares...

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Unveiling the Next Generation of Innovative Startups in Our Sixth Cohort – Fulcrum Ventures

Unveiling the Next Generation of Innovative Startups in Our Sixth Cohort

After a rigorous selection process that involved reviewing hundreds of companies we have handpicked our sixth cohort of promising companies and innovative startups, all set to graduate in June 2023. Our cohort companies are selected based on the founder and potential to make a positive impact. We are excited by...

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Leveraging AI To Win The Market And Investors

AI is potentially the biggest technological breakthrough in the history of the human race. So how can founders adjust and integrate? Watch an open discussion on how investors are preparing for AI technologies and what startup founders should be considering when implementing tools like ChatGPT. Guests: Jeremy Burton, Platform Studio...

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Winning Pitch Decks That Get You Funded

In this market, getting the attention of VC’s is harder than ever. On average, investors are spending a little more than 2 minutes reviewing a deck before they move on… Watch our Venture Partner, Melanie Platt break it down and get the do’s and don’ts on creating a pitch deck...

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Announcing Our Fifth Cohort of Groundbreaking Companies

Announcing Our Fifth Cohort of Groundbreaking Companies

After reviewing hundreds of applicants, we are thrilled to announce our fifth cohort of promising young companies set to graduate in March 2023. We select companies based on their market potential and likelihood to make a positive impact on our world. After spending time with these incredible founders listed below,...

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Fundraising Mastery Open House 2022 – Fulcrum Ventures

Fundraising Mastery Open House Dec 2022​

Take a peek at our Open house webinar where you can watch our successful alumni and mentor, Daniel Nordberg (CEO – and Fulcrum Founder Will Sacks show you around our flagship program Fundraising Mastery. –

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How To Close An Investor in 5 Words

A few weeks ago we held another Investor Roundtable event with 3 prominent investors: Aaron Stachel from First Mile Ventures, Angela Lee from 37 Angels and Liam Randall from Relentless VC. If you get a chance I highly recommend you watch the recording because it was a very lively and...

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Investor Round Table 2022 – Fulcrum Ventures

Investor roundtable Dec 2022

Watch the Fulcrum team and prominent investors for a frank and honest discussion about how founders can close seed funding in 2023. –

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How To Handle Investor Objections

Here's a proven method to handle investor objections and finish meetings with investor commitments. Today let's talk about handling investor objections.An "Objection" is a concept from sales, and since fundraising is sales, objections are very relevant to raising capital from investors. In fact, I believe it's crucial for every founder...

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Fundraising Mastery Open House – Fulcrum Ventures

Fundraising Mastery Open House

A glimpse inside Fundraising Mastery, our 3-month fundraising accelerator program for seed-stage mission-driven entrepreneurs with successful alum, Alexa Barker, Program Director Mike Schroeck & Fulcrum Founder Will Sacks.

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Nori Raises 7M Series A for Blockchain based Carbon Marketplace – Fulcrum Ventures

Fulcrum Alum Nori closes $7M Series A

It’s always fun to report on the success of our alumni, and that’s definitely the case with Nori, a company with the grand mission to solve climate change. We met Paul Gambill, Nori’s CEO in the pre-seed stage during the pandemic, and it’s been wonderful to see him integrate his...

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What To Call Your Raise (Angel round vs. Seed vs. Pre-seed Etc.)

As I’ve been doing interviews for Fundraising Mastery this week (We launch in 2 weeks!) I’ve found myself having a recurring strategy discussion with founders: The topic that has come up multiple times is what to call a specific raise. ie. what’s the difference between a “seed round” and a “pre-seed...

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Can You Outsource Startup Fundraising?

One thing I wanted to do at Kindara, and that I think is natural for CEO’s to want to do is to outsource fundraising. After all, as a CEO I outsourced lots of things: Marketing, product, engineering, finance etc. But try as I might I could never manage to outsource...

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How To Close Investors For Your Seed Round (Part 2)

In today's post I'm going to address the final step of the 7 step process of doing super effective investor meetings: The final close. As a reminder the 7 step process is: Step 1: Engage Step 2: Build Rapport Step 3: Qualify Step 4: Enroll Step 5: Handle Objections Step...

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Free Webinar: How to Put Investors in a Trance

As many of us have learned, just because you have a solid concept, team, product, traction, and market opportunity, it doesn't mean investors will get excited. Because excitement is an emotion, and the language of emotion is storytelling.

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Webinar – How to Fundraise Successfully During a Pandemic

Hey everyone, our founder Will hosted a webinar last Tuesday for the Founder Institute called “How to Fundraise Successfully During a Pandemic” We had over 350 people attend and it was a great session with about 40 minutes of founder Q&A about fundraising at the end. Will’s presentation focussed on...

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The Anatomy Of An Investor Meeting Part 1

  View this post on Instagram   I go over the stages of doing an investor meeting. Engage- Build Rapport – Enroll – Compel. FYI Our next cohort of the Fundraising Mastery accelerator is launching in a few weeks A post shared by Will Sacks (@willsacks) on Jun 15, 2020...

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Fundraising During a Pandemic?

What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for you as a founder raising money? How do you navigate this new landscape? Will funding dry up? Or are there new opportunities being created?

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Startup Founders – what to do About Covid-19?

Hi Friends, Many of you might be wondering what to do about the Covid-19 pandemic. Well here is a statement signed by many of the startup leaders here in the Colorado startup community that appeared on Feld Thoughts today. Remember if we do our job it will seem like we...

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How Much Money Should I Raise For My Startup?

Ok so you’ve decided to raise a seed round for your company and you are asking yourself the question “How much money should I raise?” Well here’s my answer: either raise twice as much as you think you need to get to Default Alive status, or twice as much as...

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How To Overcome Founder Burnout

Note: this post was transcribed from this video. Today I’m going to talk about How To Overcome Founder Burnout. I have personal experience with founder burnout and I would define it as follows: Founder burnout is when you are working so many hours every week for so long, that you...

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How To Meet Angel Investors (Part 2)

Note: this post was transcribed from this video. Hey guys, in this article I’m going to go over four more ways that you can meet angel investors. Let’s go!: So in the previous article (How To Meet Angel Investors Part 1) we’ve already gone over our Personal Network, Local Angel...

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Navigating Co Founder Conflict

Today we’re going to talk about Co-founder Conflict. If there’s conflict with your co-founder, how do you know if you should ask your co-founder to leave the business, or stick it out? In my work with CEOs, there’s one issue that comes up over and over again, and that is...

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HowToResolveCo FounderConflict – Fulcrum Ventures

How To Resolve Co-Founder Conflict

Hey guys, I want to talk for a few minutes about cofounder friction and what to do if you’re in a situation where you started a company with somebody and now it’s not feeling sweet or good and there’s friction and you don’t know what to do. I see this...

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How To Meet Angel Investors (Part 1)

Today I’m going to give you 3 ways to meet angel investors. Let’s get started: First a few definitions: Angel Investors are often the first or close to the first external money into your company after the founder’s money and after maybe some friends and family money. After founders and...

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How To Get Investors To Say Yes

Note: This post was transcribed from this video. Hey guys, I want to do some writing about how to get investors to say yes when fundraising for your startup. So you’re raising money, you’re got your stuff together, you’re out there pitching. How do you get investors to say yes?...

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Welcome to GetFunded

Welcome to GetFunded! our mission is to promote social entrepreneurship and harness the power of business to create the world we want. Too many entrepreneurs struggle with raising funds and we’re out to change that. Follow along as we work towards our goal of getting 100 companies funded over the...

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Fundraising Explained - Free ebook explaining how to meet and close angel investors




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