Announcing Our Fifth Cohort of Groundbreaking Companies

After reviewing hundreds of applicants, we are thrilled to announce our fifth cohort of promising young companies set to graduate in March 2023.

We select companies based on their market potential and likelihood to make a positive impact on our world.

After spending time with these incredible founders listed below, we’re excited about their ability to translate their visions into products that make a real difference.

Fulcrum is proud to announce our fifth cohort:

Vouchery – AI-Powered promotion infrastructure for brands (CEO Ewelina Robaczek )
Quanta – Financial hedging for everyone (CEO Mac Stockdale)
Sangria – A new way to buy and sell SAAS (CEO Steve Dickerman)
ClearCOGS – The AI Operating System for Restaurants (CEO Matt Wampler)
Bluebinder – The first collaborative bank for seniors & their families (CEO Liesl Leach)
Soula Care – A Doula In Your Hands (CEO Natalia Miranchuk)
Tricorder – Bringing the handheld Tricorder to life (CEO Marcus Soori)
Alpha Coach – Your personalized online fitness coach (CEO Ketan Mavinkurve)
Becco Retail – Perfect customer service for retail (CEO Stuart Silervman)
MD Liaison – Performance medical sales on demand (CEO Cherese Paloni)
Xplorazzi – High performance retail through AI Visualization (CEO Pranabesh Dash)
Foodi – Easy online menus for all (CEO Benjamin Fisher)
Roadmap – A hiring platform for the future of work (CEO Malinda Coler)
Madronus – Easy at home wildfire mitigation (CEO Ivan O’Neill)
Smart Response – AI enabled first response (CEO Roger Mann)
Aqua Alarm – Safer water for all (CEO Hasse Storebakken)
Ursamin – Your family’s health records in one app (CEO Shannon Aylesworth)
Dapper Care – Healthcare reimagined through telehealth (CEO David Pachkofsky)

As you might know, Fulcrum takes an innovative approach to our accelerator program. We focus founders around the process of raising seed capital to take their ventures to the next level.

Early stage fundraising is mainly about storytelling and communicating your vision to investors in a compelling way. We’ve found that many founders who are raising seed capital for the first time don’t understand the process and struggle as a result.

Our programs help founders with solid businesses find alignment and demystify this strange art. This way, they can close seed funding and get back to building their companies.

Alumni like NoriPlanneryExpectful and others have gone on to raise future rounds or get acquired. We are excited for the future of this cohort as they go forward and transform their industries.

About Fulcrum & Fundraising Mastery

Fulcrum was founded in 2019 after we got tired of seeing promising startups fail because the founders didn’t know how to raise money. Our mission is to help human potential flourish. We identify the most promising entrepreneurs working on impactful startups and lead them through an intensive process of fundraising development to close seed financing.

Fundraising Mastery is a highly selective 90-day fundraising accelerator program. It focuses on equipping founders with the skills, mindset, strategy, and pipeline to confidently raise their next round of funding.

Fulcrum has worked with more than 75 promising young companies, and alumni using the Fulcrum process have raised in excess of $35 million in pre-seed & seed funding.

Founders from around the world who need to raise seed financing in the next few months should consider applying for our accelerator program. Applications for the next cohort are now open.

Sharn Bassi
Program Manager
+1 416 560 4793

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