Past Events

How To Raise Funding
For Your Startup Like A Boss

June 14th, 2023

Banner June142 23 – Fulcrum Ventures

Raising money is a highly asymmetrical process: Founders do it only a few times in their careers, while Angels and VC’s do it all day every day for years.

This results in a massive information, knowledge and skills gap between founders and investors. Watch this session (held on June 14th 2023) with Fulcrum Founder Will Sacks on what founders can do to close the gap and raise funding quickly and efficiently using the power of process.

2023 Investor Roundtable:
How to Secure Funding In Tough Times

May 31st, 2023

How do you as a founder orient to the current challenges and opportunities that are showing themselves in the market?

Tough economic times present challenges, but they are also when billion dollar unicorns are born. As part of our mission to help founders succeed regardless of what’s going on macro-economically, join us for a special event on how to close a seed round in Q3 of 2023.

Pitch Perfect:
How to Create A Standout Pitch Deck that Gets Funded

May 10, 2023

Entrepreneurs, are you struggling to catch the attention of investors in today’s competitive market?

Don’t worry, our pitch deck workshop (held on May 10th 2023) will give you the edge you need to succeed!

Learn from our in-house Venture Partner & All-Star Pitch Deck creator, Melanie Platt, as she shares her expertise on creating a pitch deck that leaves a lasting impression. 

With over $500M raised for founders, Melanie knows what it takes to make investors sit up and take notice. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a pro and take your pitch deck to the next level.L

Are You Raising Seed Capital in 2023? Fundraising Mastery Open House

March 1, 2023

Are you a Founder looking for resources to raise capital over the next six months?

The Fulcrum VA team hosted a Virtual Open House session on March 1st. They went into depth on our program design, our Mentor and Investor Network for growth, and our approach to working with founders through a successful fundraise.

This Virtual Open House featured Will Sacks (CEO, Fulcrum Venture Accelerator), Sharn Bassi (Program Manager, Fulcrum Venture Accelerator), Melanie Platt (Venture Partner) and Fulcrum alum Roger Mann (Smart Response)

Leveraging AI To Win The Market And Investors

Feb 22, 2023

AI is potentially the biggest technological breakthrough in the history of the human race. So how can founders adjust and integrate? Watch an open discussion on how investors are preparing for AI technologies and what startup founders should be considering when implementing tools like ChatGPT. 


  • Jeremy Burton, Platform Studio VC,
    CEO and Cofounder
  • Chhavi Singh, Cofounder Flyte,
    Fintech and AI startup Advisor

Winning Pitch Decks
That Get You Funded

Feb 8, 2023

In this market, getting the attention of VC’s is harder than ever. On average, investors are spending a little more than 2 minutes reviewing a deck before they move on…

Watch our Venture Partner, Melanie Platt break it down and get the do’s and don’ts on creating a pitch deck that wins!

Raising Capital in an Economic Downturn: Myths and Truths for 2023

Feb 1, 2023

It’s no secret that in 2023, global economic changes are drastically affecting all aspects of our lives. Join us for both an Investor and a Founder perspective.  


  • John Albright, Relay Ventures, Managing Partner
  • Dylan Robbins, Lucra Sports, CEO & Founder  

Investor roundtable
Dec 2022

Watch the Fulcrum team and prominent investors for a frank and honest discussion about how founders can close seed funding in 2023.

Fundraising Mastery
Open House Dec 2022​

Take a peek at our Open house webinar  where you can watch our successful alumni and mentor, Daniel Nordberg (CEO – and Fulcrum Founder Will Sacks show you around our flagship program Fundraising Mastery.

Fundraising Mastery
Open House

A glimpse inside Fundraising Mastery, our 3-month fundraising accelerator program for seed-stage mission-driven entrepreneurs with successful alum, Alexa Barker, Program Director Mike Schroeck & Fulcrum Founder Will Sacks.

Funded Founder Formula
How to Raise Seed Funding
Using Our Process

A webinar on common fundraising mistakes and how founders can use the Fulcrum fundraising process to close seed funding. Learn how to set yourself up for success in closing your round.

Fundraising Fatigue & Rookie Fundraising Mistakes

In this session Fulcrum founder Will Sacks goes over 25 rookie fundraising mistakes that we see founders making over and over. Learn what not to do and what to do instead to succeed with your raise.

How to Put Investors
in a Trance

Storytelling is an art and a science, and it is a critical skill that can massively differentiate a founder when crafting a pitch, answering investor questions, and closing investors on your round. Learn how you can use storytelling to supercharge your results with investors.

How to Leverage Zoom to Close your Seed Round of Funding

How do I leverage zoom to my advantage? How do I stand-out, spark interest, draw positive attention, and take what used to be an offline conversation and turn that into an online experience vs just yet another zoom conversation?

The Anatomy Of An
Investor Meeting

When you get in front of the right investors, how do you close them? In this free training Fulcrum Venture Accelerator founder Will Sacks teaches a 7 step process to massively increase your close rate in investor meetings..

Denver Startup Week: How to Fundraise SUCCESSFULLY During a Pandemic

What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for you as a startup founder raising money?

How do you navigate this new landscape?

Is funding drying up or are there new opportunities being created?