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Will Sacks Head Shot GetFunded

Will Sacks

Founder of Fulcrum and Kindara. Through raising multiple rounds with Kindara, Will developed a proven fundraising process that has been used by entrepreneurs to raise more than $35M in early-stage capital. Will loves helping impact-driven founders raise more money from better investors in less time.

Daniel – Fulcrum Ventures

Daniel Nordberg

CEO of and mentor at Fulcrum. Daniel is an accomplished business professional and a leader that built many successful teams for Sony, Opera, and HTC. As a founder himself, Daniel is a fundraising veteran, on a mission to support founders in their entrepreneurial journey.

Are you raising seed capital?

We’re currently accepting applications for Fundraising Mastery – our accelerator program for high potential founders currently raising seed capital.  Graduates of Fundraising Mastery raise more money in less time from better investors on better terms.
Our most recent cohort of Fundraising Mastery launched on July 6th 2023. Our next Cohort launches on October 31st 2023.