Close More Funding With Less Effort

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Closing Seed or Series A funding is one of the hardest things any founder can undertake. Wasted time and energy is the norm, even for high potential founders who have achieved product/market fit. Imagine if you could reduce the workload of your raise by 50% and generate much better results. This is the promise we deliver for the founders we work with. 

While founders can’t delegate or outsource fundraising, Fulcrum aims to be the next best thing. For less than the cost of one additional team member, we deliver a comprehensive “Fundraising-As-A-Service” offering that is the best in the industry. Like having a fundraising department bolted on to your business, our founders save a massive amount of time and benefit from our experience. 

While we only work with a small handful of companies (mostly referred to us through our partners), we are always open to meet new founders and companies. Our Founders First mentality means that we only succeed when our founders succeed, and many founders cite their experience working with us as one of the highlights of their entrepreneurial career. 

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