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Fulcrum founders come from all industries and 5 continents. Together our founders have raised over $50M for projects in human health, wellbeing, climate, environment, web3, culture, arts, AI and other industries. 

Our Fulcrum founder community spans the globe and is growing every year. Hear from some of our founders below on their experience participating in our programs. 

Paul Gambill, CEO Nori ($18.7M raised)

Funding Announcements:

Souvik Paul, CEO Aurie ($8M raised)

Liesl Leach, CEO Blubinder

Roger Mann, CEO Smart Response

Ron Dabbagh, CEO Cenergim

Malcolm 1 – Fulcrum Ventures

"Over the past 90 days, I've realized how much time I've wasted doing things the absolute wrong way. Tired of going unnoticed and overlooked, I sort of discovered the program out of desperation. But now, that despair is certainty and confidence. I know exactly what to say in investor meetings and how to say it. I recommend this program for anyone looking to shave months or even years off their fundraising goals."

Brendan Hayes, CEO CosmicAds

Omar Aljuhani, CEO With Travel

Ashley – Fulcrum Ventures

"Thank You for dedicating yourself to our success!"

Jay Talaviya, CEO CareNiva