Fulcrum Venture Accelerator Launches Seventh Cohort of Groundbreaking Startups: Pioneering the Future of Innovation

Fulcrum Venture Accelerator, the startup accelerator for mission-driven entrepreneurs, announced its seventh cohort today –  comprising of a select group of exceptional companies poised to make a significant impact.

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated seventh cohort today,” said CEO Will Sacks. “The journey to this point has been a rigorous one, involving the meticulous review of hundreds of companies. After careful consideration, we have handpicked the most promising ventures set to graduate in September 2023“.

At the heart of Fulcrum’s selection process lies a keen focus on the founders and their potential to create positive change in the world. “We are genuinely excited about the visionary minds behind these startups and their ability to build scalable companies that make a difference,” said Program Director Cailin Hardell.

Fulcrum is proud to announce the companies in its seventh cohort:

Big Blue People —The Largest Service Marketplace in Latin America (CEO Gustavo Huenelaf)

Crypto Legacy — Unbreakable Zero-Trust Digital Vault (CEO Sree Chintala)

Devour.io — Revolutionizing Customer Engagement for Restaurants (CEO Shelly Rupel)

Field House — Maximizing Athlete Performance and Longevity (CEO Alec Parower)

Galliwant — AI-Powered Personalized Travel Experiences (CEO Kapil Sharma)

Gathr — The Digital Gateway for Storytellers (CEO Scott Glosserman)

GolferX — AI-Powered Golf Advice (CEO Andrew Ajax)

Heartful Sprout — AI-Based Infant and Toddler Nutrition (CEO Kay Lim)

Hello Baru — Shared-Economy Digital Manufacturing Platform (CEO Tino Go)

Kaira.ai — Supporting Employee’s Financial Health (CEO Eric Mac Nicoll)

Liber8 — Your Unique Path to Emotional Freedom (CEO Raj Jana)

Love Lace — The First Generative AI Platform for VR (CEO Kayla Comalli)

Manis — Fintech-As-A-Service (CEO Denson Xu)

Movig — Accelerating Brand Deals for Creators (CEO Ibrahim Ayub)

Neural Wave — Smart Productivity Assistant (CEO Chayan Bhattacharyay)

Vieaura — No-code Industrial Frontline Platform (CEO Shrikant Yarlagadda )

United Effects — Simplifying Auth and Integration for SMBs (CEO Bo Motlagh)

Fulcrum adopts a unique approach by identifying promising startups and founders at an early stage and facilitating the closing of seed capital to help them elevate their ventures. Notable graduates like NoriPlannery, and Expectful have either raised subsequent funding rounds or been acquired.

About Fulcrum & Fundraising Mastery

Fulcrum Venture Accelerator’s mission is to help human potential flourish by identifying the most promising entrepreneurs working on impactful startups, and leading them through an intensive process of fundraising development so they close seed financing. Fulcrum has worked with 100+ promising companies since 2019. Alumni using the Fulcrum process have raised $50M+ in pre-seed, seed and follow-on funding.

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