The Three Main Barriers To Raising Startup Funding (And How to Break Through Them)

For anyone who has a dream and wants to raise funding to make it happen, there’s three objections I hear the most.

I don’t know any investors.
I don’t know what to say.
I don’t know how to structure the deal.


One of my missions in life is to empower people to create big things. So I want to knock down these barriers to getting funding.

Cause if I can knock them down more people will be ready to get started.

I knocked them down through trial and error! But that took years and I want to save all y’all those years.

I hope this vid is useful. (Sorry for the reversed image!)

After these barriers are gone the only thing left is having a winning process, which I’m going to teach on Monday in a free masterclass, if that’s of interest you can check that out here:

Hope this helps, big love,


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