Free Webinar: How to Leverage Zoom to Close your Seed Round of Funding

Hi, I’m Mike, Program Director at Fulcrum Venture Accelerator, and I get it, you are tired. Tired of working from home, tired of yet another zoom call, tired of spending hours and hours behind your laptop without any real social interaction.

But guess what, it’s just the times we are living in… if 2020 taught us anything it is that we need to get uncomfortable to get comfortable again. Try new ways, new methods, fail, learn, and adapt quickly in order for us to move into a more comfortable state of mind.

Fundraising is no different. Where I used to meet investors at random cafes, offices, and even playgrounds just to get a chance at a 5-minute pitch and the hope of them being interested, I now find myself being at home, reaching out, and having Zoom after Zoom call. It is still the same message but the method has changed dramatically.

I need to embrace what’s thrown at me and I need to figure this out, quickly!

How do I leverage zoom to my advantage? How do I stand-out, spark interest, draw positive attention, and take what used to be an offline conversation and turn that into an online experience vs just yet another zoom conversation?

I have questions, you as well? Good!

Keep on reading…

You see, it used to be that if I was truly serious about pursuing an investor that I would have to hop on a plane, jump on that train and simply get in my car and drive to meet the investor wherever they wanted to meet. I had to be incredibly flexible with my time, money, and resources in order to get conversations going.

Zoom (COVID) changed that.

Today the world has become a lot smaller and speaking to my ideal investors became more attainable. I am able to get meetings without the need to travel. Investors are hungry for deal flow and are willing to look beyond the comfort of their bubble.

So how do I leverage Zoom in order to close my seed round? What are dos and don’ts? What are those small tweaks that I need to make in order to have a big impact? How do I keep the conversation going?

I have so many questions and I need answers…

You as well?

Then join Fulcrum’s founder Will Sacks for a webinar in partnership with Founders Institute on How to leverage Zoom and close your seed round of Funding.


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