How To Close An Investor in 5 Words

A few weeks ago we held another Investor Roundtable event with 3 prominent investors: Aaron Stachel from First Mile Ventures, Angela Lee from 37 Angels and Liam Randall from Relentless VC.

If you get a chance I highly recommend you watch the recording because it was a very lively and interesting discussion that contained pure gold for founders raising seed capital. One of my favorite moments was when Liam Randall told the story of how an entrepreneur closed him with just 5 words.

You can watch the recording here


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How To Raise Funding For Your Startup Like A Boss

Raising money is a highly asymmetrical process: Founders do it only a few times in their careers, while Angels and VC’s do it all day every day for years.

This results in a massive information, knowledges and skills gap between founders and investors. Watch this session (held on June 14th 2023) from Fulcrum Founder Will Sacks on what founders can do to close the gap and raise funding quickly and efficiently using the power of process.

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