Fulcrum Venture Accelerator is Officially Anti-Racist – What we’re doing

I felt sickened and overwhelmed this past week as I watched the ongoing police brutality and impunity in this country amid protests demanding racial justice.

I also felt some hope as I learned about the positive changes that the protests are already helping make a reality

And I kept asking myself the question, what can & should I do as a white guy running a fundraising accelerator for entrepreneurs?

I know that institutionalized racism is real and that the playing field is drastically tilted to make it easier for white people to succeed. I know I’ve benefited from this privilege in my life.

And so I see now that doing nothing isn’t an option. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I discussed with my Fundraising Mastery cohort this week and decided to set a goal of achieving at least 50% founders of color in our next cohort launching in July.

I know that institutionalized racism is real and that it’s easier to raise money if you’re white. How many promising companies go under because the founder isn’t white? it makes me mad.

To change this reality will take time and concerted effort.

So if you know any promising founders of color, please send them our way or send them the link to apply to our next cohort.

We’re also creating some scholarships to help get past any financial hurdles.

If you have other ideas for what we can do here at Fulcrum Venture Accelerator to be part of the solution please send them along. I’m listening.


p.s. here are two great interviews with W Kamau Bell and Sen. Cory Booker about #blacklivesmatter and institutionalized racism that I found touching and educational this week.

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