Fulcrum Venture Accelerator Pitch Perfect Service

Our Pitch Perfect service is focussed around distilling and telling your story in a way that is clear, concise and compelling, so that it resonates with investors and helps you get meetings and compel action.

Scope of Work:

– Questionnaire kick-off
– Business plan advisory & review
– Storyline development from an investor’s perspective
– Quick Pitch Storyline Framework
– Three 1:1 coaching sessions
– Deck design service
– Feedback & review through the investor lens
– Refinement until pitch perfection is achieved 🙂

Note: We will provide a V1 of your deck within 7-10 days of your initial meeting.  We will have another 30 minute meeting reviewing V1 and providing feedback and edits for V2. Melanie will provide V2 within 3-5 business days. (Please note that V2 edits only include the following: wording, grammar, slight design adjustments. And does not include additional slide design or full deck re-design.)*

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