Want to Mentor Impactful Founders at Fulcrum? 

We are always looking for talented, accomplished, heart-centered folks to join our mentorship squad at Fulcrum. 

Mentoring is a great opportunity to stay tapped into what’s happening on the front lines of technology and entrepreneurship, build relationships with other high-level people, and help create a kinder and more just world through supporting impactful entrepreneurs. 

As a mentor you will:

– Stay connected to cutting-edge technology and trends in markets you care about.

– Leverage your experience to make a big impact.

– Increase your deal flow.

– Expand your network.

– Contribute and guide promising CEOs to help them succeed.

– Share in company upside through our shared equity pool. 

The time commitment to mentor at Fulcrum is up to you, but generally between 1 and 10 hours per month. This time is given to work directly with our founders, supporting them in building companies that matter (and specifically supporting them in their fundraising efforts) through contributing knowledge, connections, and hard-earned wisdom. 

As a mentor, you will also be invited to the occasional Mentor Mixer to meet other mentors. 

To mentor at Fulcrum, you must either have raised at least $1M from private investors as a founder of your own company or invested in at least 5 startups.

If you feel excited to contribute in this way, please get in touch below. 

We are excited to meet you