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AMA with the Experts to Help you Determine a Winning Strategy for Startup Fundraising in 2021

Jan 21, 2021, 2:00 pm MT

While start-ups are known for their grit and ingenuity, the current landscape has forced the start-up world to get scrappier than ever as the economy changes, budgets shrink and uncertainty has become the new norm. This has left many of us wondering what the start-up fundraising landscape looks like in 2021. Join us for an AMA with five start-up financing experts as they discuss the evolving fundraising landscape, how they are thinking about financing for start-ups, and what you can do to position your company for success in the coming months and year. Bring your questions for the panel and learn about the latest options to raise capital, we hope to see you there.

Fundraising Mastery Open House

A glimpse inside Fundraising Mastery, our 3-month fundraising accelerator program for seed-stage mission-driven entrepreneurs with successful alum, Alexa Barker (CEO – Trip Abrood), Program Director Mike Schroeck, and Fulcrum Founder Will Sacks

New Year, New You,
New Fundraising Goals

We ended 2020 with a webinar on 25 fundraising mistakes. Will 2022 be the year where you raise your next funding round? Learn what you can do  to set yourself up for fundraising success.

Fundraising Fatigue & Rookie Fundraising Mistakes

In this session Fulcrum founder Will Sacks goes over 25 rookie fundraising mistakes that we see founders making over and over. Learn what not to do and what to do instead to succeed with your raise. 

How to Put Investors in a Trance

Storytelling is an art and a science, and it is a critical skill that can massively differentiate a founder when crafting a pitch, answering investor questions, and closing investors on your round. Learn how you can use storytelling to supercharge your results with investors.

How to Leverage Zoom to Close your Seed Round of Funding

How do I leverage zoom to my advantage? How do I stand-out, spark interest, draw positive attention, and take what used to be an offline conversation and turn that into an online experience vs just yet another zoom conversation?

How To Close Investors
During COVID

When you get in front of the right investors, how do you close them? In this free training Fulcrum Venture Accelerator founder Will Sacks teaches a 7 step process to massively increase your close rate in investor meetings.

Denver Startup Week: How to Fundraise SUCCESSFULLY During a Pandemic

What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for you as a startup founder raising money? How do you navigate this new landscape? Is funding drying up or are there new opportunities being created?